36 holes? Give us 18 and a spa

Who wants to play 36 holes of golf in a gorgeous desert setting full of luxurious spas? Here are four indulgent alternatives to the afternoon round. more »

Sep 17, 2013 Go Travel

The art of not playing golf

Olga Stamatiou has a few golf clubs, but she doesn't use them. She's too busy depicting the game that she saw all around her when she moved from Greece to Beaufort, South Carolina, 10 years ago. See her interpretation of golf here. more »

Jun 12, 2013 19th Hole (2 Comments)


6 steps to a fair match

How can you have a fair match when Mary wants to play the greens, Jane the whites, Dick the blues and Tom the white-blues? Follow these 6 steps and equalize! You can even play against Tiger Woods! more »

May 23, 2013 Advice (2 Comments)

Our house cocktail

The task of mixing an official GottaGoGolf cocktail became so grueling, we needed pajamas. But now we have a fun and fitting beverage for the 19th hole. more »

May 9, 2013 19th Hole


Match play times two

Most clubs send their match play contestants out in two twosomes. Should you help look for lost balls in the other match? Who putts first? Six questions, with answers from GottaGoGolf Guidance Editor Gail Rogers. more »

May 9, 2013 Rules and Manners


His and hers golf

We confess, some of the stereotypes that men have about women golfers hold water. And thank goodness for that. Others, well, not so much. Here, we examine 10 assumptions for tiny shreds of truth. more »

May 9, 2013 Advice

Wine, women, Wente

The oldest continuously operating family winery in the United States also has a long history of golfing women. GottaGoGolf plays 19 holes with Christine and Carolyn Wente. more »

Mar 28, 2013 19th Hole


Glossary: Chili Dip

It's definitely an uncool shot. Find out the golf meaning of chili dip -- but don't expect us to cure yours. more »

Jun 24, 2012 Vocabulary

Fit your golf game to a tee

If you've invested in equipment, here's a cheapie you may have overlooked. Equipment guru Emily Kay gets tech savvy on tees. more »

Sep 23, 2012 Equipment

3 tournament don'ts

Guidance expert Gail Rogers has seen these common rules violations too many times. Now, you won't make them when you're playing for major marbles! more »

Sep 1, 2012 Rules and Manners (3 Comments)


Play faster NOW

Gail Rogers challenges golfers to make one small change and shave minutes off the time of their round. Yay, more time for the 19th hole! more »

Aug 2, 2012 Rules and Manners (1 Comments)

Courtesy of Seema Sadekar

Golf dress de-coding

Are the exciting new style options for women allowed at your course? Is there any good reason why they shouldn't be? more »

Jul 13, 2012 Fashion

GottaGoGolf's staff of women who play golf for fun like to shop and try out the newest, coolest clothes, gear, gadgets and media. Here, they tell you what they think -- independently, with no advertising revenues to censor them. Sometimes companies send them samples and demos, but they know there's no guarantee of a thumbs up.

Confessions of a Golf Slut

There's always something to talk about, and Susan Fornoff usually has a smart and sassy point of view for women and ladies who play golf for fun. Visit the blog often for musings on women's golf news -- everything from clothes to fitness to etiquette, the latest on the LPGA, and the occasional golf course review for women.